Incredible Experience in Jawai with WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort
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Incredible Experience in Jawai Leopard Hill with WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort

WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort & Spa is a gorgeous luxury retreat offering the best wellness and wildlife experience in Jawai Leopard Hill. Situated in the clique of Bera Rajasthan resorts, this property spreads across 20 acres of vast private land with indigenous forest land. Another best part of this region is that it’s the homeland of leopards, which gives you a chance to experience the majestic predator in its natural habitat with Leopard Safari. 

This resort nestles near the Aravali Hills, an eroded stub of age-old mountains in India’s longest and oldest Fold Mountain ranges. You can also enjoy a panoramic lake view at the Luxury Villa Jawai from the ranges. The tranquil lake houses crocodiles, and some local and migratory birds. 

When you visit us at the Bera Resort Rajasthan, prepare to be enthralled by the untapped beauty of nature that surrounds it! Every tour and safari is organized while keeping the local culture and heritage of the place intact.

Overall, the resort aims to capture the local practices, heritage, and culture in its food, decor, and allied activities. Near the resort, you can even explore the Rabari Village, the land of distinct Rabari tribes roped in to offer local flavor to enhance your whole experience.

Due to its authentic cultural experience, this region is gaining popularity as one of India’s top sights to spot leopards. If you want to witness the mesmerizing leopards and check out their natural habitat in Rajasthan, Cheetahgarh Resort is the best option. It takes only a six-hour drive from Ahmedabad, 12 hours from Delhi, and eight hours from Jaipur to reach the resort. With scenic views along the entire way, the road trip is a magnificent experience in itself.

Incredible Places to experience with WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort

Apart from the luxury amenities and recreational activities present at the WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort, there are many other equally exciting options for you to explore. Here’s a list of a few must-visit places near the Jawai Safari Resort:

1. Jungle Safari On Jawai Leopard Hill

Jawai Leopard hill

When you are in the wilderness around Cheetahgarh Resort, you can explore the entire place in a Jungle Safari. Bera Leopard Safari is the perfect way to witness Bera’s leopards, crocodiles, birds, and locals. During the safari, you will be taken through the Jawai Leopard Hills to see the local inhabitants – the leopards of Bera. Since we are adapting to a sustainable method of travel, make sure to start your safari early in the morning. It’s better to start before the sun sets in. The Jungle Safari driver takes you 5-15 km around the resort for a memorable day with the leopards. This Jawai Leopard Safari will surely leave you with an experience of a lifetime!

2. Off-roading

Cheetagrh Resort Off Roading Drive

Another fun activity to try near the Cheetahgarh Resort, Off-roading, which can be an exciting way to experience the thrill of nature. We have a fleet of vehicles for off-roading on various unsurfaced roads or tracks consisting of gravel, sand, etc. If you’re a thrill-seeker, Off-roading is just right up your alley! Experience this thrilling experience when you visit us for a vacation!

3. Rabari Village Experience

If you want to experience something different, it’s best to indulge in a leisure walk with the Rabari tribe. The Rabari tribe is known as nomads in Rajasthan. A walk to the quaint Rabari village exposes you to the rich tribal culture and history. It also reflects how various people live a certain traditional life in the beautiful state of Rajasthan.

4. Jeep Safari

Jawai Leopard Hill

Jeep Safari is a titillating experience that offers you an exciting way to enjoy Rajasthani life and its wonders. A Jeep Safari in Jawai takes you through scenic views and various royal residences like forts and palaces around the Cheetahgarh Resort area. Alternatively, you can also opt for a jeep safari to experience the desert and wildlife in the area.

5. Bird-Watching

Bird Watching

Jawai Bandh is a popular area near Bera. It is a prime bird-watching site to witness the beauty of flamingos. You can also find many migratory birds here in large numbers, especially during the winter season.

5. Crocodile Sightings


Crocodiles are also found in Jawai Dam throughout the year. You can witness crocodiles sunbathing around the bank of Jawai River and Jawai Dam. Usually, a safari for crocodile watching is operated somewhere between 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. However, we also have a specific place for crocodile sightings to take their pictures easily.

6. Hot Air Ballooning in the middle of Jawai Leopard Hill

Hot Air Baloon Safari

Experience the real beauty of Jawai from the top with a bird’s eye view through an exciting Hot Air Balloon Safari. The Hot Air Balloon ride starts around 5:30 AM to witness the magnificent sunrise and 5:00 PM to watch as the sky turns to myriad hues of orange, yellow, and pink of the setting sun. 

7. Under Sky Dining


Want to have a romantic dinner with your partner under the star-lit sky? Indulge in our romantic under the sky dining experience to enjoy a scrumptious meal prepared by our top chefs, along with your favourite concoctions of the desired beverage.

8. Night Safari On Jawai Leopard Hill

Night Safari Jawai Leopard Hill

The night safari is also a breathtaking experience to witness the wildlife around the resort. It is a nocturnal visit to a wildlife-spotting area or zoos in the region. It enables visitors to view animals at night within certain fenced areas. Not only is this exhilarating, but a night safari can also be particularly fun for those who enjoy the calm that night brings. 

9. ATV Vehicles

ATV Safari

Riding an ATV in the beautiful desert region is exciting, especially on jawai leopard hill rugged surfaces. The ATVs are All-Terrain Vehicles with four wheels integrated with parts that make them ideal for riding.

10. Zip Lining

Zip Lining Activity

Zipline is one of the most exciting activities to explore on your visit to the WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort. It takes you to the best places around the region while you sit back and relax, witnessing the desert locations’ scenic views.

Final Takeaway

WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Safari Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy luxury amenities while exploring Jawai Leopard Hill’s ruggedness of the wilderness. From spas, swimming pools, and restaurants to luxury tents, safari, and trekking arrangements- the resort offers a plethora of facilities clubbed with numerous adventurous activities. If you want to experience Jawai Leopard hill up close, kick-start your bookings to WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort.

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