Experience the grandeur amidst the wilderness at WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh
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Experience the grandeur amidst the wilderness at WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh

Fondly known as the land of Leopards & Shepherds, the Jawai area is resplendent with granite rocks, historic boulders, and the infamous Rabarii tribe that creates a beautiful symphony of local life with the majestic wild that abounds the area. 

Nestled in the heart of Bera on a 20-acre property, WelcomHeritage’s Cheetahgarh Resort & Spa welcomes you to tastefully designed luxurious villas with a splendid view of the sprawling lake. Chalets & Villas of this Jawai safari resort reflect a thoughtful memory of the olden heritage inspired by the local highlights, elegant drapery & furnishing, coupled with modern amenities. 

The entire property features bespoke luxury elements recrafted to suit the heritage of Bera. With a chemical-free pool, an in-house signature Cafe, and an ethereal spa that promises to awaken & rejuvenate your senses- the WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort is the place to experience wilderness in the lap of luxury.

Here’s what you can experience in the ethereal land of Jawai, where opulence meets the thrill of the hinterland at WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh.

1. Enjoy the quintessence of a Luxury Villa with a Lake View:

Graced with beautiful architecture and tasteful grandeur, the luxury villas have spectacular views of the still water lake. Come dawn, and you can spot local birds like the Sarus crane & herons sitting atop the tiny rocks splattered across the lake.   

Each of the lavish villa rooms features plush & regal beds alongside carefully planned decor designed to provide you with the optimum comfort. These lake view luxury villas in Jawai come with a Posturepedic queen-sized mattress bed, Egyptian cotton blend linen, a walk-in dresser, a fully equipped work desk, hand-painted ornamental lamps, and a minibar, an elegant day bed, plush sofas, and outdoor furniture to enjoy the lake-view.

Bedecked with exquisite crystal chandeliers, choicest furniture & drapery- the room boasts a charm & grandiosity of the olden regal times.   

The property also has chalets, duplex tents for glamping, and a pool to enjoy amidst lush greenery. 

2. Offroad Leopard Safari Expedition: 

Behind the tall boulders & the jawai leopard hills lurks the lone feline calmly surveying the area. The calm blue of the sky above is disturbed occasionally by the chirping of birds or the sound of peacocks. Somewhere far away, cattle & dogs visit a local pond to quench their thirst as exotic birds surround them. The beautiful land of Jawai shines bright with such remarkable scenes as you embark on a thrilling adventure of a lifetime!

WelcomHeritages’s Cheetahgarh Resort prides itself on its extreme offroad safaris and treks. Custom-made as per the guests’ requirements, the expert trackers hold extensive on-the-ground knowledge as they have lived and explored the destinations they present in great detail. Keeping their eye on the prize, they will tailor the journey as they go, ultimately curating a box full of unforgettable memories for you to keep. 

Start your Jawai Leopard Safari adventure with a thrilling Night Safari with an expert Tracker. WelcomHeritage’s Cheetahgarh prides itself on its maverick tracker, Mr. Bhawani Singh, who’ll make sure that you see the magnificent feline of Jawai in all its glory. With a dim glow of a brilliantly starlit sky, the piercing glimmer of the leopard’s eyes in the dark can startle you at first, but the calm demeanor and their track record of never harming a human will put you at ease instantly.  

And just when the first ray of the morning sun hits the rocks, head out for yet another fun adventure safari with the head chef riding shotgun himself for an exclusive hilltop breakfast. 

A rip-roaring morning escapade allows you to scale up a mountain in a customized 4×4 Gypsy with a skilled tracker. The chance of you sighting a leopard in a Jawai safari is about 95%, much more than any other Safari in India.       

3. Treat Your taste buds to a sumptuous meal prepared by world-class chefs: 

With a separate team of chefs for every cuisine, the Rotela Cafe at WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh stands apart from every other resort in the Jawai area. A paradise for locavores, the restaurant features local cuisines, spices, and flavors brought alive by a team of renowned chefs. Headed by the accomplished Chef Bhanwar Singh, who prepares meals with organic produce and lots of love. 

Every bite has the power to give you a euphoric feeling of satisfaction. Being the only licensed Bar in the area, they have curated an exquisite menu of cocktails & signature drinks that’ll surely make you high on life! 

If not for the wilderness, Bera Resort Rajasthan- WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh is a place to visit for its sweet & savory masterpieces. The in-house bakery prepares decadently crafted desserts wherein you can indulge your imagination. The chef prepares a mean basket of baked goods for those with a sweet tooth that transcends you to a world afar. 

With an intimate setting, the Rotela Cafe gives off a warm & inviting vibe for the guests to enjoy the culinary delights while playing a game of cards. You can choose a seating plan as per your mood, from a dreamy hillside arrangement overlooking the granite boulders to contemporary indoor & outdoor dining with an ambient vibe. 

Try out the Amazing Dine out Experience at WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh with your loved ones!

4. Jawai Under The Sky:  

A specially crafted meal under the brilliant starlit sky of Jawai, this once-in-a-lifetime experience will make you appreciate the true beauty of nature that lies exposed in Bera. A relic woodfired oven, exquisite candlelight vibe, and amazing sunset await you at Jawai Under The Sky by WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh. 

With enticing drinks and a live kitchen preparing woodfired pizzas and sizzling kebabs- the entire experience is a great spot for those looking for a romantic proposal location in India. 

Note: The hilltop dining under the sky can be customized as per your taste & occasions, along with any set dietary requirements. 

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5. Impeccable Hospitality that you’ll not experience anywhere else: 

The humble locals of the Rabari tribe, clad in their signature crimson turbans, greet you as you enter WelcomHeritage’s Cheetahgarh Resort. 

With courteous staff and splendid Hospitality, WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh never leaves any stone unturned for a memorable experience for their guests. Trained under multinational hotel chains, the hospitality crew goes the extra mile to provide thoughtful and exclusive service for every guest.

A team that takes your whole experience to another level, the unbeatable Hospitality of the signature F & B staff surely adds a touch of brilliance to your luxury stay.

6. Bird watching at the Jawai Dam

Lying minutes away from the WelcomHeritage’s Cheetagarh Resort, the Jawai Dam is one of the largest water reservoirs in western Rajasthan. Featuring a sparkling haven for an array of migratory birds, including Saras Crane, herons, flamingos, geese, and goldeneye duck- the Jawai bandh area is a treat for a sore eye!   

A rocky backdrop of Jawai Hills awaits you as you embark on an adventure through the thriving flora & fauna, local vegetation, and the myriad grisly crocodiles lying lifeless on the shore. Witness the unparalleled beauty of untouched nature on your next trip to the WelcomHeritage’s Cheetahgarh Resort.   

7. Working towards a greener, cleaner earth: 

As a responsible luxury Bera Rajasthan resort, WelcomHeritage Cheetagarh is single-use, plastic-free. The property has replaced all plastic bottles with Cheetah Aqua- potable water produced at the resort premises. Administring the Green initiative, the property is doing its bit to sustain & conserve the pristine nature surrounding it. 

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How to Reach WelcomHeritage Cheetahgarh Resort

  • From Delhi

Total Kilometers: 620 km approx.

  • By Air: Nearest Airport to the resort is Udaipur & Jodhpur. You can either book a cab or travel by roadway transportation to cover a distance of 150 km. 
  • By Road: Travel via your own vehicle or book a cab. Easily accessible through major cities like Jaipur, the roads are well connected, taking you through Ajmer to Bera. 
  • By Train: Nearest Railway Station to the resort are Jawai Bandh Railway Station (JWB), Falna (FA), & Mori Bera (MOI). It’s a short drive of 30-40 minutes from these railway stations to the resort. 

  • From Jaipur:

Total Kilometers: 400 km approx.

  • By Air: Nearest Airport to the resort is Jodhpur or Udaipur. From Jaipur, you can book a flight to either of these two cities and travel the rest of 150 km via road in a cab or a bus. 
  • By Road: Travelling through well-connected roads, you will pass through Ajmer & Beawar on your way to the resort. 
  • By Train: Nearest railway stations are: Jawai Bandh Railway Station (JWB), Falna (FA), & Mori Bera (MOI). You can board a train from Jaipur Railway Station to any of these stations. A short drive of 30-40 minutes will take you to your oasis in the wilderness.

  • From Ahmedabad

Total Kilometers: 275 km approx.

  • By Air: From Ahmedabad Airport, you’ll have to fly to either Udaipur Airport or Jodhpur Airport. The rest 150 km from the airport to the resort can be covered by a private vehicle or a bus. 
  • By Road: From Ahmedabad city, you’ll travel through NH 27, passing through Palampur, Mount Abu, and Mehsana to reach the resort. 

By Train: Nearest railway stations are: Jawai Bandh Railway Station (JWB), Falna (FA), & Mori Bera (MOI). You can start your journey from Ahmedabad station to any of these to reach your luxury Jawai Leopard Safari Resort.

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